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The settlement Nova Lesna is located in between the county town Poprad and Stary Smokovec, High Tatras. This position enables to Nova Lesna reach both of these towns in eight minutes by car. 

There are also bus and train connection going through the Nova Lesna, so there is no problem with traveling. 

If you are going from Poprad, just go toward Stary Smokovec and information tables will lead you.

If you are going from Stary Smokovec, just go toward Poprad, information tables will lead you. 


When you come by train, go from point TEZ straight, cross the street and a bridge. After the bridge the store will be at your left hand and keep walking up to stairs. After the stairs turn right and first building is M.R.Stefanika, 311.

When coming by by car, hit the point where the path walk from the train connect the street. Than cross the bridge and turn right. Next cross section turn left and above the garages turn left. Second building at your right hand is your target.

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Address of accommodation and contact info:


M.R.Štefánika 311, 059 86 Nová Lesná
( +421 905 714197, 0 905 855476
e-mail: apartmantatry@yahoo.com

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